Financial Awareness and Year-Round Support: The Aware CPA Difference

Aware CPA stepped in with our promise of financial awareness and expert guidance. We started with a Historical Bookkeeping Cleanup, ensuring their past financial records were accurate and organized – the first step towards financial awareness. We then took over their Accounts Payable and Receivable, liberating their time and allowing them to focus on their core business.


We introduced a Chart of Accounts Optimization, which streamlined their financial reporting and deepened their understanding of their financial health. Alongside this, we offered Budgeting & Forecasting services. This not only provided them with a clear financial roadmap but also empowered them to make strategic business decisions with our expert guidance.


Simultaneously, our team managed their Income Tax and Income Tax Planning accurately and timely, reducing their stress during tax season and ensuring full regulatory compliance.


Result: Within months, the business owners reported a transformative change. Their newfound financial awareness, combined with our expert guidance, allowed them to save considerable time each week and focus on growing their company. They appreciated the clarity provided by their optimized financial reports and felt empowered by strategic budgeting and forecasting.


They felt secure knowing their tax matters were in expert hands. Through financial awareness and expert guidance, Aware CPA turned their financial management from a burden into a powerful business tool.

Key points